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Top 20 Most Attractive Bridal Dresses

Every person has their own argument on fashion and every person have different choice on fashion. Every person wants to choose most attractive and fancy dress to look different. When we talk about marriage then every woman get worried about their dress and look. Every woman wants to look most attractive on marriage ceremony. But in this entire one most important person that should have to look more beautiful that is Bride. Today we are talking about bridal dress that is most important in marriage.

We have collect top 20 most attractive bridal dresses of year 2019. These dresses are widely ware in Asian countries. So we want to show you these dresses for your interest. We hope you will like choose these dresses for their own marriage. In Asian countries these 7 types are most popular.

  1. Lehnga

Lehnga is Asian Bridal dress that is very attractive modern countries like Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Azerbaijan. In this dress a small shirt named with “choli’ and fashi pajama as like gharara. This is most beautiful dress for bridal.

  1. Angrakha

Angrakah is Refers to a traditional upper garment in the Indian Subcontinent which overlaps and is tied to the left or right shoulder. This is a very beautiful design for bridals

  1. Gharara

Gharara is pair of wide-legged pants, ruched at the knee so they flare out dramatically. This is an amazing design by Indian Designers.

  1. Sharara

This Sharara is similar to Gharara but it has two legs.. like loose pants and embrioded Shirt

  1. Farshi Pajama

Farshi Pajama is a woman’s dress that was worn between late 17th and early 20th centuries in Muslim courts.

  1. Bridal Gown
  2. Shalwar Qameez

Here we discuss all these dresses in detail. But here I want to tell you that these all Bridal fashion and dresses run with season. In Islamic Countries the fashion and culture are run together. In Islamic culture some dresses are not allowed but also have their alternate in this culture. So fashion can never stop in any culture because fashion because need of humans. Here you can some picture of Top 20 bridal dresses.

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